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Spear Direct Care is a membership-based primary care clinic in Hayden, Idaho focused on simplifying YOUR healthcare experience. We have removed insurance companies from the deal and established a contract directly with our patients. Restore the patient-provider relationship = convenient easy access to high quality care WHEN YOU NEED IT. Join us in spearheading a new simple, convenient, and functional model for healthcare – a model that actually works

Easy Access to your Provider

In-person or VIRTUALLY with call, text, or video chat

Convenient Appointments

Self-schedule same-day/next-day appointments online

Transparent Pricing

No co-pays. No deductibles. Simple pricing at the time of service

Lifestyle Medicine

We focus on the whole person to discover health and wellness- not just symptom management


What is direct primary care?

Direct primary care is a national movement to simplify healthcare. The healthcare system has become administratively complex, burdening patients and providers with high costs and endless paperwork. 

Our membership-based clinic removes the insurance middle man allowing for simplified healthcare that restores the patient-provider relationship and gives you access to a higher quality of care. At Spear, there are no insurance companies blocking access to your care or dictating your treatment. Together, we have the freedom to decide how to navigate and improve your overall health and wellness. 


Change your idea of healthcare

Since we are not driven by insurance company reimbursements, we have the ability to provide proactive and integrative care to create or maintain balance in your life. Struggling to make better food choices? Need help to quit smoking? Trying to balance hormones? Need better sleep? Don't worry, we can help. Go beyond sick care and find healthcare.


We spend our time where it counts: with our patients

Our direct primary care model enables us to partner with you to achieve your health goals and create treatment plans based on your unique needs. We specialize in balance and wellness, not band-aid solutions and with a limited number of clinic members, you are always our top priority. Partner with us to take charge of your health and live the life you deserve.

Ready to join? Let's do this!


DPC: Quick Explanation

Want to learn more about how Spear Direct Care works? Watch this simple and quick video!

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I highly recommend Spear Direct Care. Nikki is so helpful with any questions I need answered and is so amazing about getting back to me in a timely manner. I highly recommend Nikki! She treats you like a person and is there for anything you may need. Thank you so much for all of your help. My family and I look forward to coming to this office for all of our future medical needs!
Erika F.